Sunday, October 6, 2013

The End

The sun is setting
I feel the warmth fading away
I can feel it brush past my fingertips
And it's gone

I was watchingI was trying to say
I wish we could hold on

To that last bit of sunshine
It could still make my day
To that last ray of hope
Before it went astray

And I feel like a little bit of me is dying
And I feel like a lit bit of me isn't there
I feel it all again,
I feel it all one last time
I'll still need to see your face
How am I supposed to say goodbye
Is this really how it ends

You were my ecstasy
My first drop of pain

Oh it's just hit me
That you've not been there
For a long time

For a long time

And I've watched the sun set
And I've felt you wash over me and away
I felt the kiss of your lips
On my heart, on my heart
And now you're done

And now you're done with me,
It's fading away

You were my sunshine
And now you are the rain.

So I guess this means this is the last post on this blog.  It feels like when someone punches the wind out of you. It feels like you felt when you first fell in love, but instead of that giddy feeling of wholesomeness, you feel empty. I'm disappointed, but I wouldn't trade a second of away. I loved you.

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