Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Satyajeet Sir Song

Okay, we had this amazingly cool chemistry sir last year, who would not stop taking classes ever. He'd come anytime anywhere if he saw he could take an extra class. He was annoying, but a great teacher. With a cool beard and cool eyes. Then he left school, so me and one of my friends (lakshay) were told to do something on the spot during a free math class, so we decided to sing something. Being the lyricist that I am, we ended up singing this dedicated to him, a spoof on "In the End" by Linkin Park. This is NOT a song I consider good enough to be blogging about, but hey, it was fun. It was on the spot. It wasn't easy.

Chorus: Satyajeet sir, Satyajeet sir (oh yeah) / Satjayeet sir Satyajeet sir (yes Sir!)

It starts with
One thing, I don't know why
Stayajeet sir comes all the time,
Keeping that in my mind switch off all mobiles
Or like Kedar you'll be sent out of class in time
The class goes On...

French ma'm's absent, oh no
Here comes Satyajeet through the door
Riots or fires, grey clouds or not
He'll keep on teaching and
The class goes on...

Remembering the times we fought because he
Wouldn't give us a single period free
Not that, it matters when
Coz he'll keep on teaching
Till the end...

We had plans to make him stop, but it all fell apart
What would eventually be a period free, maybe we'd get to go for P.T

We tried so hard
But he wouldn't stop...
And till the end
He'd just keep on teaching
Now he's gone
And we've lost it all
But till the end
he just kept on teaching

One thing
I don't know why
Satayajeet sir went out of our lives
But we designed this rhyme, to explain in due time
Why the class went on

In spite of the way we were mocking him
Acting like we didn't care for him
Remembering the times he'd stay back again
How could you be surprised that the
Class went on...

Things aren't the way they were before
Ever since Satyajeet went out that door
Not that we could have said anything then
Because he kept on teaching
Till the End...

Monday, March 5, 2007

Purple Sky

The red
Is it bleeding...?
Why do my thoughts keep repeating...
I can't get you out of my head...

Do you hear my heart beating?
Or are you listening to what I say?
Can you feel what I'm feeling
I can't trust myself today

Why not tonight
The stars are back
The grass is green
The flowers are red
How could I let you leave
Why not tonight
The sea is blue
The birds are white
My words are true
And you've stopped time

How could I let you go
I've already let you know
I can't live, waiting for tomorrow...
Why can't it be just you and I
And this purple sky

There's something missing
I'm missing a part
There's something missing in my heart... you hear it beating...
...I feel it bleeding... can't be leaving...

Anything now
Is better than everything tomorrow
But you can walk away, it's fine

Why can't it be just you and I
And this purple sky

This is the first song I'd ever written. Well, I've made few major changes, I mean I was 9 then. Now I'm going on 16and things are different. Doesn't matter what you say, which song you like or whatever you think, I say this mybest song and always will...