Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baa Baa

Hey hey, princess..
Were you sent from above?
'Yes boy, yes boy, and I've brought you all my love..
Some for my family and some for my work,
When it comes to you baby, it's all one..'

A european doctor, operating in a remote african village gets pulled up by the tribal chief when one of the women gives birth to a fair skinned child.
'No no,' the doctor tries to explain, 'it's just an albino, it's not a very rare occurence'
And then pointing to a flock of sheep he added, 'just like that black sheep over there, see? It was born that colour amongst all these other white sheep, it's just a...' but the  chief silenced him quickly and told him in a hushed voice;
'Listen doc, I'll forget i saw the baby if you don't tell anybody about that sheep'

Oh just smile will you :)?