Wednesday, March 12, 2008


You are...
This world I live in
All that I'd ever want,
You are...
My scent of spring
You're all I'd wish for

The road we've taken goes far from here
Could that sunset never end
Looks like the rainbow's gettin nearer
Though we can't see where it begins

And night'll soon be fallin
And the stars would shine
So the moon'd be waxing
Then I'd see your smile

If that suns falls deeper
And that sky's not blue
When the sea turns black
And the rainbow moves

I'll always have a ray of sunshine
My clouds'll have silver linings too
Because I know you're with me for all time
I love you...

So home is where the heart is
That's where I want this road to go
My heart's not with me you took it away
Yeah...I'm coming home

I really need you beside me
I need to see your smile
I can't live without you
'Cause you
Couldn't call that a life...
I'm living...
I'm livin' a day at a time..
I'm living for you...

Can't help but tell you again
How beautiful you are
Would I be lying
Ever to my love, ever to my love..
Ever seen yourself through my eyes..?
Took a while to realise
Understand me now, love...
My heart is yours forever
So wherever you go...

My home is where my heart is
That's where this road will go
No matter how far...No matter how close...
I'm comin' home..
True know..?